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New Classes & Seminars

Click HERE, or the image above, for moreUpcoming ~Core Tai Chi For Health (Free!) One Sunday per month, for dates and registration ~Heart of Qigong Thursdays, 9:30 – 10:30, for more, and to register ~Four Corners of the Circle: The … Continue reading

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Adam Hsu Linking Fist

We are happy and proud to teach one of the best beginning Kung Fu forms:  Sifu Adam Hsu’s Linking Fist. This combines elements of traditional practice with modern methods of instruction. The entire form is 16 movements with not one … Continue reading

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The Circle’s Four Corners: 4 Wk Class in BaguaZhang

Bagua Zhang, one of the last traditional Chinese martial arts, is almost always spoken of using superlatives; it is a ‘genius’ art, the ‘best’ for health, the ‘last word’ in martial usage. Why is this? Developed in the 18th century, … Continue reading

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