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Our Head Instructor, Mr. Ted Mancuso, has been instrumental in promoting Chinese Martial Arts through his articles and teaching. He began his martial training in 1966. By 1969 he was the Head Instructor for Tracy's Karate, then the largest chain of schools in the US.

He has studied with a number of well known and even famous instructors. Two primary influences come from Kwong Wing Lam of the Northern Shaolin system, and Adam Hsu in a number of styles. He was probably the first student of the well known Baji Quan or "Bodyguard Style" in America.

He was the Qi Gong instructor at Five Branches Institute of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

He helped to established Shifu Willy Lin in what has grown to be the popular T'ien Shan Pai organization in the US.

He has taught thousands of students; among them such teachers as Craig Beuttler, Matt Furey, Loyd Lewis, Matt Cavender and others.

In his early years as a Kenpo instructor he wrote and organized the first version of Brown Belt and Black Belt instructional material ever, the same material still used in over 1200 schools.

His work has appeared in English, Spanish and Chinese. A member of the Traditional WuShu Association he has represented this organization in China. He is the co-author of "Kung Fu for Young People" and "Shaolin #7: The Plum Blossom Fist." He is the co-editor of the first significant study of Chinese Martial history by one of the worlds leading historians on the subject : Professor Kang Ge Wu. He has also edited and published the forthcoming "Lone Sword Against the Cold Cold Sky" featuring the essays of Adam Hsu, to be appearing at the beginning of Chinese New Year, 2007.

He is the president of a martial arts publishing company: Plum Publications.

"Traditional Martial Arts is one of the world's treasures comparable to Opera or great works of painting. It should be preserved, appreciated and enjoyed as it has been for over three thousand years".













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