ROOSTER Year: 2005

February 9, 2005-January 28, 2006
The Year of the Wood Rooster invites us to be direct, focused, and task oriented. Rooster energy is precise and self-assured. What the Rooster lacks in tact it makes up for with skill, candor, and clarity. This is a good year to focus on your most important goals. Set up strategies for success, and keep your eyes on the prize. The Rooster Qi, always oriented to achievement, should carry you forward.

At the same time, be aware of shooting from the hip, then having second thoughts. The Wood Rooster is the most tentative of the five roosters, and can feel obstructed by its innate “metal attacking wood” character. There is less confidence here so it will help to let plans season until late summer/early fall when the Rooster Qi matures and hits its stride.

For those born in the year of the Rat, it will pay off to exert some self-discipline, narrow your focus and stay on task. Ox and Snake should thrive this year. The ox just loves to work, and snakes are addicted to success no matter what the cost. Tigers, who most likely feel stunned and exhausted from the chaos of the Monkey year, can move forward now in all areas and will feel the relief that comes from clarity of purpose.

Dragons and Monkeys will have to share the limelight now. They will do fine if they resist the temptation to compete for attention. Horses, who may have gotten stressed and overextended during the Monkey year, can now exert themselves with better focus and clarity.

Rabbits and Sheep need to take some care this year. Sheep are diplomatic and can find Roosters too blunt and abrasive. They’ll do much better by not taking things personally and focusing on their artistic pursuits. Rabbits may feel offended and unappreciated. Roosters have no patience with the Rabbit’s sensitivity, and Rabbits hate conflict. The best strategy for Rabbits: keep your head down and go about your business with quiet self-assurance. Wait it out.

Dogs have been through a lot of change in the Monkey year but for the most part have been able to play and remain in good spirits. They may find themselves more driven to work in the Rooster year, which can make them irritable and snappish if they don’t take care of themselves. Dogs should schedule regular time for naps and refreshment.

Pigs are genial and so comprehensive in their view that they can do well in any year but Snake year.

Roosters should shine this year and get all the attention they enjoy and usually deserve. They are hard workers, dedicated to success. Of all the animals of the zodiac, the Rooster is most capable of delaying gratification to achieve a goal. They can accomplish much this year, but should beware of becoming overzealous. It doesn’t hurt to ask for a second opinion, and sleep on it before taking action.

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