PIG Year: 2007

pig1February 18, marks the beginning of the Fire Pig Year. Each animal in the Chinese calendar is emblematic of a particular type of Qi, and gives that year its special energetic qualities. The Pig is a sign of congeniality, family, and home. In fact, the Chinese character for home shows a roof with a pig under it. The Pig is known for its friendly, trustworthy nature, its sensitivity and sensuality. It is also the twelfth in a twelve year cycle, so it has a comprehensive and often spiritual view; an understanding of the cyclical nature of life that gives it an accepting and peaceful nature. This is a good year to consolidate the hard work of the Dog Year, and to enjoy life with good friends and fine food. The Pig is at its best in a convivial atmosphere. Relax and stop worrying this year. If you find yourself indulging a bit, go right ahead. You can rely on the ambitious Rat to pay off the debt next year.

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