Scrapbook: Early Classes

Snapshots and memories from early Kung Fu classes that would evolve into the present Academy of Martial and Internal Arts.

One of our original groups, before we had a school. With Bud Clark, Lynn Coleman, John Westerfeldt, Tina and Theresa Ouano with sifu Ted. (r to l)

Professor Howard Slatoff, our inspiration and patron who not only studied late into his seventies but wrote and filmed martial information, adding much to our spirit and vision.

Our top-notch instructor staff at one time (l to r): Sheri Cunningham, Tori Lindsey, Robert Greelee, Loyd Lewis     and Matt Cavender.

The opening of the Jade Spring Acupuncture Clinic. A hot day demo with Ted Mancuso, Cliff Neighbors, Linda Darrigo, Jonathan Mumma, Palden MacGamwell, Chris Mumma, Professor Kevin Volkan and Bud Clark. (l to r)

Sifu Linda Darrigo, our other major inspiration. Always working to improve her own skills and knowledge she is shown with our Grandteacher, Adam Hsu.

That tense moment in the wings before one our of in-school tournaments.

Sifu Mancuso with Tim Folger, now a leading science writer.

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