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ast_1All astrological systems are symbolic languages for describing the character and nature of a particular time and place. Human beings, full participants in the energetic mix, are individual and unique manifestations of the astrological moment. Chinese astrology shares this fundamental view with other astrological systems. However, it differs in several important ways.

First, Chinese natal charts are a composite of several systems of calculation incorporating numerological, sidereal (star-based), and lunar factors. Second, and more importantly, Chinese astrology is informed by Taoist longevity practices and is therefore an important tool in healing and Chinese Medicine. According to this view, our natal chart is a tool for understanding and coming into alignment with our own nature and character. Our fate is to fully embody the template revealed by our astrological chart. The more we are able to do this, the more we are capable of moving through life with the wind at our backs. The art is to happily be yourself rather than constantly struggling to improve. This concept differs from a commonly held view of western humanistic astrology, which is that the goal of life is to transcend your chart.

In Chinese astrology we study the chart to gain insight and self-awareness. Through acceptance of our actuality we can relax, apply ourselves appropriately in life, and enjoy more peace and freedom.


The Four Pillars of DestinyÑThe combination of heavenly and earthly influences that govern the year, month, day, and hour of your birth. Useful in understanding your character and energetic quality.

Elemental Balance – The proportions of earth, metal, water, wood, and fire in your character, as well as which elements govern your inner and outer nature. A key to understanding what motivates you and how you relate to others.

Fate Calculation – When do you come into your fate in life? At what stage of life do you grasp your purpose and settle in to who you actually are?

The Twelve Palaces – Which Chinese star spirits rule the 12 major areas of your life, including partnership, children, career, health and sickness, wealth, property, and pleasure? What characterizes your fate in these areas?

nar_09For your personal Zi Wei astrology reading contact:
Narrye Caldwell, L.Ac.
Narrye Caldwell is a Licensed Acupuncturist, martial artist, teacher, writer, and astrologer. She’s been studying Chinese astrological systems for the past ten years. For more information, see her web site, www.narryecaldwell.com. Narrye is the co-author, with Ted Mancuso, of Plum’s upcoming new title, Blossoms in the Spring: A Perfect Method of Qigong.

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