Event: Movie Night

Friday the 13th welcomed a friendly, “family” gathering of students and teachers at the Academy of Martial Arts, Santa Cruz. “Movie Night” brought students together to share food, stories and a viewing of Shaolin Little Guys, one of Jet Li’s first films.

The food spread—”bring your own, take it away”—was more than enough for the attendance which began at 6:30 and lasted an hour before everyone sat for the cinema. Students who had shared the same floor for years met and greeted each other,  in some instances for the first time. People traded experiences at the school, snapped pictures and discussed which Pink Floyd Album could be synchronized to the Wizard of Oz.

Shaolin Little Guys, part deux of the Shaolin Trilogy, was unlike a typical Kung Fu flick. A delightful plot tells the story of two family, one of girls who study the WuDang style and the other of Shaolin orphan boys and how they live across a river form one another, feud and, eventually, get together. A big production from China, it was spiced with animation, a huge amount of humor, and absolutely amazing fight scenes.

A number of attendees expressed the feeling of family and belonging they felt at the Academy.
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