What We Teach

Just for your information, here is a partial list of the wide range of information available at the Academy of Martial and Internal Arts

KUNG FU Division:

24 Beats (Partner Fist)
Tan Tan (Muslim Spring Leg)
Shaolin Short Strike
9 Province Staff
Shaolin Plum Blossom Fist
Pi Gua Saber
Shaolin Footwork Set
Shaolin Spear
Praying Mantis Thrust Step
Shaolin Straight Sword
Lost Track Road #1
Double Daggers
Big Knife
40 Beats (Long Arm Dueling)
Plum Flower Boxing
Shaolin Two Person Staff
Double Sabers
Xiao BaJi
Mantis Zhai Yao
Steel Whip
Shaolin Three Part Staff
Saber vs. Spear

TAI CHI (Taijiquan)

Yang Style Tai Chi Box (core practice)
Yang Style Tai Chi Short Set (symmetrical practice)
Yang Style Long Set
Basic Push Hands
Yang San Shou Two Person Form
Tai Chi Saber
Tai Chi Straight Sword (13 Method)
Tai Chi Staff
24 Beats Two Person Form
Lao Jia Chen Style Tai Chi
Intermediate Push Hands


Eight Animals Circling
Eight Animals Qigong
Kai Men Quan
Kai Men Partner Set
8 Changing Palms of Jiang Jiao Rong
BeginningApplications Practice
Jin Shou Tight Hand Form
8 Changing Palms of Penetrating Forest Style
Jin Shou with Elk Horn Knives
Coiling Hands and Applications
Judge’s Needles Form

QIGONG Division

Ba Duan Jin Eight Pieces of Brocade
Tai Chi Qigong (first partner of Wu Dang Qigong)
Wu Dang Qigong
Silken Forms Qigong
Ba Duan Jin seated Eight Pieces of Brocade
Five Elements Qigong
Five Animals Qigong
Eighteen Imperial Exericises
Blossoms in the Spring Qigong

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