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The Year of the Rabbit: 2011

Learn about the Chinese New Year and how it will shape up at our companion site:
The Year of the Metal Rabbit.
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The Return of Kung Fu!

Well, after more than two years, here we go again. Continue reading

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Kung Fu 1000 years ago…

Even 1000 years ago the kind of “cinema fighting”, sparring and other mixtures of entertainment and Wushu were already quite popular right along with circus stunts Continue reading

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Reeling Silk: What is it?

Reeling silk is one of the core principles of authentic Kung Fu practice… ALL authentic Kung Fu practice… Continue reading

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Wu Wei: No Way!

  The young man was anxious to start martial training immediately.

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Student Rolls

Here is a partial list of those who have studied with the Academy over the last twenty-plus years…

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