How To “Fight” Your Form

Workshop: How To Fight a Form, John Ottenberg
When: Saturday, May 12, 2012
Time: 1:30-4:00
Place: The Academy of Martial and Internal Arts, 1570 Soquel Dr, Santa Cruz 475-1429
Price: $45.00 (Special price for any Academy student (past or present): $35.00

Every day, millions of people practice martial arts forms. Many perform them perfectly while secretly believing that all the meaning, the practical moves and applications, the tricks and techniques for real combat, were long ago lost forever.

On the opposite shore, others think that forms have no meaning at all, and never did.

John Ottenberg, chief instructor of Streetwise Protection, is offering an OPEN SEMINAR unlike any every done in this area.  Mr. O will teach the primary form he learned directly from the creator of the Limalama style, Mr. Tino Tuiolosega. John’s relation with “Pop” was unique, rarely given to most martial artists. He was an “in-door” house student, spending up to eight hours a day directly under Pop’s watchful eyes. Slowly he learned and perfected movements. Already a black belt before he even started, John watched as Pop gave him the keys to see beyond the external movement to the core of martial forms and fighting.

John learned from Pop that forms were a code, not to fool or confuse people but for reasons reflecting the nature of true martial training. He discovered that this code could be read and, just knowing the function of the movements, was a crucial step in the direction of real knowledge. From his years of martial arts and soldiering, from his work as a teacher and a bodyguard, from his confrontations with single and multiple  attackers, he developed a way to decipher what had been buried so long.

How do you fight your form? What is the point of this series of moves, and why that transition next? How do you transform natural movement into explosive power?  These questions and others will be the focus of John’s workshop, where you will learn the powerful form “Soft One,” a form that will benefit beginners as well as Black Belts.

And bring your own! John will conduct an open section at the end where participants will get the opportunity to decode the forms they practice daily. What does that hand motion mean? Why turn like that? Why is that step really a kick? John’s approach gives you a way to practice your forms and reshape them into what they were originally meant to be.

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