We Are Going To Read A Book!

Hello fellow students:
We are initiating our Academy book group with “Secrets of The Tai Chi Circle”. This is the book recommended by Sifu. Here is what is said about the book on the Plum Publishing website:

“Told as a novel, this entertaining tale offers insights into not only the principles of T’ai Chi and Taoism, but the relationship of instructor to student in this ancient tradition.”

At least that’s what we wrote over three years ago when we first listed this book. Then it almost immediately went out of print. But it’s back – and now it’s personal. We LIKE this book. It’s FUN. We like Luke Chan. The back of the book states “You will cry. You will laugh.” You’re all too sophisticated for that, we know. But that’s the author’s intent at least and he’s written a kind of “quest book” that many martial artists and seekers will want to read just for sheer enjoyment. Try a little taste…

 “So one side of me chose to live in my own world of being young, curious, and always growing and learning while the other side of me detached myself from my own world, seeing my life just as it was – having the same sorrows and joys as other individuals. In my own world, I was a child, always growing; out of my own world, I was an adult, always sharing. Finally when these two sides fused into a perfect T’ai Chi Circle within me, I felt as though the water source of the pond had been connected to my body, and my mind became as clear and open as the Reflecting Pond itself. Indeed, the Fourth Secret of the T’ai Chi Circle had just been revealed to me.”

The book is available at the Academy or at Plum ($10.) We expect to set a date in early September to discuss the book; look for the sign-up sheet and more info at the studio. Enjoy!


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