Sunday Seminar: The 8 Bagua Animals

BaguaSemJan2014eBaguaSemJan2014fLast Sunday was another of the Academy’s open-lesson programs to introduce the Chinese martial arts to a wider audience. This seminar—open to Academy students—was attended by Phil, BaguaSemJan2014dMichael, Cecy, Taylor, Kirk, and also new non-student BaguaSemJan2014gfriends.  Additionally we had the honor of counting Sifu Linda among the Bagua walkers. Travis Rath helped with the teaching efforts and Jean Andrews acted as entertainment and food committee chairwoman. Other participants included some people with extensive Aikido training. In four hours everyone BaguaSemJan2014bsuccessfully learned and practiced eight core movements of the Bagua system; a few people got dizzy, there was a lot of laughter, and Sifu Linda asked very hard questions.

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  1. Michael Otvos says:

    Thank-You for the opportunity to participate in this fantastic seminar. Now the Lion, Snake, Bear,Phoenix, Eagle,Sparrow Hawk, Unicorn, and Monkey await me within the circle. My back , hips, and thighs will never be the same. I am anxious to see what awaits me …….Thank-you Sifu Ted Mancuso!

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