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strasnick1Congratulations to Steve Strasnick, longtime Academy student, who recently attended the 22nd Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament, on March 15, in Berkeley. Steve won the Internal Style Men’s Division by performing a number of styles, including Taijiquan and Bagua Zhang.

Check our bulletin board in the school vestibule for postings on upcoming tournaments and events.

Sally Chang, Bagua Zhang and Taijiquan student, not to mention Doctor of Chinese medicine, visited recently and attended our Saturday Taiji and Bagua classes. Many students here know Sally and were happy to touch hands with her again after a long while. Her practice in San Anselmo is doing well, and she is teaching Taijiquan up there. Time permitting, we hope she makes many more visits and that students at the Academy have the good fortune to meet her.

Sally left some posters in the vestibule for a seminar she is sponsoring, given by her teacher in the authentic Wudang lineage. While she was here, she demonstrated his “short” Wudang taijiquan. We found it a sophisticated and wide-ranging presentation.


kirksculpt1The Academy is full of talented artists, not just of the martial variety. Kirk McNeill, who has studied with us for several years, is a blacksmith and metal worker. In January, he installed his latest piece, “Four Energies,” a sculpture he created for Scotts Valley Drive, the first piece of public art installed on that boulevard. As you can see, Kirk has represented in metal the four key energies of Taijiquan: Beng, Lu, Ji and An. (And these Taiji figures are VERY well rooted!



DianaposteronlineDiana Moll—Academy student of Bagua Zhang and Taijiquan, teacher, Doctor of Chinese Medicine, painter, and the school’s official Chinese New Year Graphic Artist is displaying her work April 4 as part of the First Friday Felton Art Walk (see poster in vestibule.)

Anyone who knows Diana will not be surprised to see a few rabbits scattered among her prints, but attendees will also be treated to some paintings based on her recent trip to France. By the way, the horse print in the poster is this year’s Wood Horse in the Chinese calendar.

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