Taiwan Tales 2

TPW2In Taipei you eat at a lot of restaurants. Rather than “fine dining” we often sit down to meals of local, humble and utterly delicious food.

Where Sifu Hsu, also a confirmed foodie, escorts us you would never find otherwise. The food seems simple: small vegetable dishes, stewed meats, light stock soups; a plate of wine-infused cold chicken; slices of rich fatty pork beneath slightly sweet gravy pressed between small white buns; ubiquitous greens enlivened by slivers of quickly sautéed garlic.

TPW4bEach simple dish was infused with the indescribable taste of prolonged human sharing.

 That night at class I practiced two moves for two hours, with Sifu Hsu constantly adding more layers of meaning. After a while, I felt like I was cooking in my own soup.




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