2016 New Classes and Seminars

We offer authentic, traditional training and experiences in the treasure that is Chinese martial arts and energetics. The Academy is Santa Cruz’s oldest Chinese martial arts school. For more than 25 years we have built a community of students and teachers, and provided a place to start and continue a practice. Beginning seeker, intermediate student or advanced practitioner, we would love to see you.

Linked Fists: A Foundational Kung Fu Routine for Beginners
Mondays, 6:00 -7:30 pm
June 6 – July 18 (no class on July 4)
$65 for the 6 week class

TP2If you have always wondered what authentic Kung Fu feels like, this is a great place to find out. This class will teach you a Kung Fu Linked Form designed by one of the world’s top teachers, Adam Hsu. An extraordinary practice, the Linking Fist comes out of Long Fist Kung Fu, the mother of such styles as Shaolin and Xing Yi. This form is simple to learn, fun to practice, and it is geared toward modern practitioners with no moves repeated, adaptable to either side of the body, or alterable into a form twice its initial size. After learning the basic format all these variations, including usage, will be shown.

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A Taste of Tai Chi: Core Moves and Energies of Tai Chi Chuan

One Sunday every month (1-3 pm):
June 26, July 17, August 21, Sept. 18
Oct. 16, Nov. 20, Dec. 11

Our VERY popular seminar: in 2 hours, learn the core movements and energies of Tai Chi.

This class is offered FREE, but we ask that you register. Please click HERE for more info on the class, and to do that.

The Martial Art of Change:
Bagua’s Eight Animals – A Three Month Class
Still relatively unknown among martial arts is Bagua Zhang, a brilliant martial art whose movements are based on circles and whose philosophy on the I Ching. Many call this “the Tai Chi of the 21 century.” Bagua’s Eight Animals routine encompasses practice for health, meditation, self-defense and, frankly, fun! Class fee includes our bestselling companion text on this form. Class is being scheduled; please click HERE and to we’ll let you know when next session starts.

Tai Chi for Health and Structure: The Yang Style Short Set
Wednesdays, 6:00 – 7:00 pm
Sept 7 – Nov 30, 2016  (13 weeks)
$65 per month/$165 for three months paid at beginning

Narrye Caldwell, longtime Dr of Chinese medicine and Tai Chi practitioner, teaches an authentic and engaging Tai Chi short set in this 3 month class. No experience necessary.

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Heart of Qigong
Thursdays, 9:45 – 10:45 am
Class meets weekly and will run monthly until…? Can be joined at any time.
$55 per month

QGNC1Imagine learning Qigong-not a prescriptive, contemporary waving of the hands—but the heart and core of Qigong. Imagine incorporating simple movements into your life—movements developed by Chinese doctors over thousands of years—and by so doing, improve your health and your entire outlook. Imagine a teacher with decades of experience in Qigong, Chinese medicine, and Chinese martial arts. We are once again offering our ongoing course in the fundamentals of Qigong. This class will teach routines, but will also take the time to provide the inner workings of this health regimen, the three pillars (body, intent and qi) upon which it rests. This extraordinary class will be led by Narrye Caldwell. Having practiced Qigong for decades, as well as being a licensed medical practitioner, Narrye gives a presentation of solid understanding for these traditional and beautiful forms. This class is for beginning and intermediate students, approaching these valuable methods with a sense of focused intent and personal discipline. Imagine.

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Bagua Core Practice: An Introduction to the Art of Change
This great class has passed. CONTACT US for the next session

Bagua Zhang is one of the most interesting, engaging, effective and healthful martial arts among the hundreds of traditional practices from China. Incorporating the philosophy of the I Ching, with Chinese medical theories of maintaining and promoting long health, the experience of Bagua practice can change your life. This introduction is especially good for an entire range of people, from those with no martial experience all the way up to those who have practiced other styles but been intrigued by this ‘genius’ martial art.

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Tai Chi Partner Practice: An Afternoon of Push Hands
Gone, but not forgotten; we’ll do this one again. CONTACT US for the next session

TedandNarryeTC This 2 hour afternoon of Push Hands is a perfect way to enhance your Tai Chi practice. Push Hands training offers enjoyable two-person exercises and loops that refine, among other things: body sensitivity and listening; correct posture and structure; applications; the motion behind the movements. Unlike tournament Push Hands, this class is oriented towards cooperation, NOT competition. Some previous Tai Chi experience recommended, but not required.

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Blossoms in the Spring Qigong, with a Chinese New Year Tea
Class has been postponed. Email us HERE to be notified of new date.
$35 Seminar
$50 Seminar and book
$65 Seminar, book and DVD

BitsNC A great Qigong routine! We have taught this seminar for several years, and the overwhelming response is ‘glowing.’ Simple to learn, and a routine that can be practiced for the rest of your life. Meditative, healthful, energizing, restorative.

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A companion 208 page book and hour long DVD are also available at special pricing when buying with the seminar.
Join us for this special session, where we will also celebrate the incoming Chinese New Year of the Monkey, with tea and snacks following the class.

Martial Qigong: The Internal Supports the External
Wow, what a great seminar. CONTACT US for the next session

martqgQigong. Long before most people had heard the name, martial artists incorporated it into their training.
This unique seminar introduces Qigong routines gathered from diverse martial arts styles. Surprisingly simple and direct, these exercises can be practiced by anyone, from people with no previous training to advanced martial practitioners. Emphasizing health and conditioning, Martial Qigong is a highly effective method of movement. It brings external power and internal sensitivity to a new space where progress will dawn. 

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