Kung Fu for Adults: Not Your Child’s Workshop

Traditional Kung Fu, Authentic Kung Fu, REAL Kung Fu…no matter what you call it, it is so much more than the stuff of movies. Not that flying brigands and pursuing heroes are not fun to watch. But Kung Fu is a perfect example of that saying: the Ordinary is Extraordinary.

We invite you to the Academy to try Kung Fu. Feel for yourself what it is like to link movement with breath and intent; to exercise your limitations, not only farther than you imagined, but in a totally different direction.

Give yourself two hours, and discover if Kung Fu is for you. Head Instructor Ted Mancuso, the director of the Academy, brings more than 50 years of martial experience to every class he teaches. Move your body, engage your mind, try Kung Fu!


Click HERE and we will let you know when it is rescheduled

Click for more information about the seminar.

Open to all 18 years or older.

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