Spring into Summer: New Classes & Seminars at the Academy

April and May bring 4 new seminar classes at the Academy. Click each picture to get more information, and to register for each class.

Tai Chi Santa CruzTai Chi For Health
3 months, Starts Apr 25

The Academy’s popular 3 month Tai Chi class for beginners. Narrye Caldwell brings her decades of experience as a Doctor of Chinese Medicine as well as a Tai Chi teacher and practitioner, to create a class incorporating both aspects for maximum benefit.


Santa Cruz Tai Chi IntermediateTai Chi—Deepen Your Practice
6 weeks, Starts Apr 25
The Academy’s newest class, designed for intermediate Tai Chi students who have graduated from the beginner’s Tai Chi For Health Class. Review and refine your short set, plus gets some hands-on push hands and partner practice to improve your skills.


Beginning Kung Fu—The Linking Form
6 weeks, Starts Apr 26

Experience authentic practice. Kung Fu has so much to offer—strength and flexibility training, self-defense, coordination and cooperation, art, intent. Train with Ted Mancuso, a teacher with over 50 years experience in Chinese martial arts. Move like you’ve never moved before!

The Eight Animals—Introduction to Bagua, The Art of Change
Six weeks, Starts May 1

Take your first steps in the great art of Bagua Zhang, the Art of Change. Bagua’s movements are based, primarily, on a circle—not just walking in a circular pattern, but understanding and applying the natural rotation in the body for great benefits to health and self-defense. Ted Mancuso, director of the Academy and class instructor, is world-renowned for his books and DVDs on Bagua Zhang.



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