Academy Class Suspension (Update)

Update, March 26:

Hello dear friends,

Well, we thought we would check in with you, see how you all are faring, and update you on our classes. 
These last couple of weeks have been difficult for so many people—really, all of us, even those introverts among us! Pieces and parts of our normal lives have been upended, and something which for many was a distant concern came suddenly to the forefront. I think we have all spent at least a few moments treasuring our communities and friendships, big and small. We’ve heard from a few of you how much you miss the studio and its community—we concur, and miss you, too.
Sadly, however, it seems like we were being a little optimistic a couple of weeks ago in thinking we could start up classes again this coming Saturday. It’s just not appropriate at this time. So, we will have to continue for, hopefully, just a little while longer to practice on our own. We wish it were otherwise.
We have been posting on reelingsilk some videos of our own and a few from others, with more to come. We hope you are able to continue your training, and would love to hear from you—what you are doing, how you are working out, and if you have any questions about your practice. Please don’t hesitate to write.
We will keep you updated on the studio status and when we might see classes starting up again. In the meantime, please check our site for new posts and information. Most importantly, keep well and stay safe. You are precious to us.
Ted and Debbie

Dearest Students,
We hope this finds you and yours well. We have spent some time considering what is best for the health of both our students and instructors, and late last night decided that, out of an abundance of caution, we should suspend classes for the suggested period of two weeks, starting today, Saturday March 14. Although things could change, we would look forward to reopening on Saturday, March 28.

We encourage you to keep an eye on this site for any changes to the reopening date. We will also be posting some articles to read and training exercises you can do to keep up your practice, starting with this beautiful 3- minute Qigong For Healthy Lungs, from colleague (and longtime student) Sally Chang.

Feel free to keep in touch and, above all, stay safe. We miss you already, and look forward to seeing you soon.

Best, Ted and Debbie

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