Playing Around with the Rattan Ring

Our first video for you at home utilizes a training tool called the Rattan Ring. Actually, there are several alternatives you can substitute if you don’t have one of these hanging around! 

Please stay safe, and keep in touch!

Ted, Linda and Debbie

Since we are not able to hold in-person classes at our studio, we are creating some online training for our dear students. May all be well and healthy.

The rattan ring is an unusual training device originally geared for martial artists. Its possibilities are almost unlimited; the ring entices participation, rolling defensively, uncovering tremendously tactile information. The ring can dissolve an attack, neutralizing it on contact; it can trap and catch an opponent’s limbs, or smother an attack by simply shifting it away. This is a tool that reflects a lot of the trainee, moving until it balances, edging through a cat’s cradle of possible actions.

Now, in this time of confusion and doubt, we thought that handling and training with the rattan ring might be good medicine. It’s not going to cure anyone, but an intriguing and even distracting martial instrument can be relaxing and involving. After a little work with the ring, the interactions between muscle and wood start to blend, the rotational actions fold outward and sketch out shapes of physical prowess and mental sharpness. If you need us, here we are:

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