What Are We All Up To?

Hello all,
We’ve been getting nice emails from some of you, letting us know how you are doing. Some tales even include pictures and videos! Woohoo! We love that.

Below is a taste of what we have received. If you would like to contribute, by all means write to us. We miss you.

More from John:
Seeking the round in the straight and the straight in the round










From Tony (Tai Chi class):
Thank you for the update. Although I feel somewhat isolated, this has been a profoundly creative time for me. I’ve been deepening my practice; T’ai Chi has been a gift, and there are plenty of empty places to practice on town these days. 

These are some of the places I’ve been practicing. Of course, there was no one there to take my photo. 🙂 Making the best of a bad situation.

From Harvey (Tai Chi class):
I have been doing my home tai chi routine, mostly yang, but have included morechen.
Sifu Ted’s classes are always unique and find it amazing how he pulls apart sections from the set to work on.
From Judy (Bagua Class):
Miss you. Am keeping up with the posts on reeling silk and appreciate all that you are doing. I have a bagua circle on my drive way. Almost  Daily training Is keeping me sane. I’m getting the yang side DOWN in my forms (at least my version) and working on basics (isolation means talking less, training more right?)
From John (Tai Chi class):                       From Kaz (Bagua Class):
(Click image for video).                             (Click image for video)











From Jean (Tai Chi class):
I asked Karl if he would be willing to practice with me (at a distance) in the school parking lot.  We tried to put together the San Shou choreographed set. There we were, 6 feet apart, gesturing in the air.  “So I shoulder stroke you…”  and I would jump back as if bumped, etc… Cumbersome but really rather amusing.

From Karl (Tai Chi class):
Jean and I got together, keeping our distance, of course. We talked, practiced, explored San Cho, straight sword and a little staff. San Cho is interesting…we are starting about 8 feet apart, and oppose each other from a distance, talking through what is happening..for me, just breaking it down and talking about it is quite a challenge. And, talking through Chen, trying to dream up applications is kinda fun, just exploring and discussing what this or that might mean.

I find I am enjoying practicing more on my own. On the one hand, planning an afternoon time to practice has added a time structure, as I realize I have really begun to depend on Monday-Thursday evening classes for my practice those days, but have been missing my own personal, alone practice. So that is good…(not getting together) shows me that practicing with others is something I really miss. I know, stay home, but there is gratification about finding an empty parking lot and practicing with another human.
My thinking right now, oddly enough, is about feet and my relationship to the ground. I need to sink deeper into the earth, that’s one bit of intent to practice. But I practice in my back yard on a kinda uneven surface. Imagine 2×4 foot flagstone, separated about 10 inches apart. Filling the space are bricks and pea gravel. (I like drainage and keeping water on the property). This creates an ever changing surface, but not too radically. I find that I need to be very aware of where I am because it is easy to catch the edge of my shoe, especially when pivoting. Not to mention I have had to reset a few bricks after coming down pretty hard with my weight! So, expanding or contracting the reach of my steps depending on what will be next has been added to my form, or realizing I am on the edge of flagstone and need to add awareness to the inside of my foot, awareness like that. It is interesting.
Anyway, I find I am responding more quickly to changes under my feet. A new awareness.
Take good care. I appreciate and miss our discussions and interactions!
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