Qigong: 10 Points for Body Control

A very long while back, we published a 30 minute video on 10 points for controlling the body in Qigong. Over the years, this was one of our most popular DVDs — it is simple, accessible, and provides solid information for any martial artist wanting to understand basic Qigong structure.

The information is ageless, but videographic technology is not so compliant —thankfully, our skills and equipment have improved over time — so when it came time to reproduce a new batch of DVDs, we decided instead to offer this vintage video for free. Yeah, there is a blue tint to some of the film, and it definitely qualifies as lower-res compared to the quality gotten from newer cameras and even phones. Still, we hope you enjoy it.


By the way, if you are interested in Blossoms in the Spring, the book/DVD mentioned in this video, we have it on sale at the moment, HERE

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