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Academy: We’re back!

Classes start up again today…Looking forward to seeing you all. Ted, Linda, Jim, and Travis

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What’s the Point of Lineage?

In modern times people tend to have much less sense of their ancestors and their origins. We are a mobile race and change often causes attrition to our beloved objects, our collected memorabilia and even our treasured emotions.

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How To Progress in the Martial Arts By Jim Mullen

Instruction, Class, Practice Practice, Instruction, Class Class, Practice, Instruction Instruction, Class, Practice After many years in the Martial Arts I’ve found myself in every possible combination of these three activities. I’ve done every combination of any two, and I’ve only used one for long periods of time.

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We Are Going To Read A Book!

Hello fellow students: We are initiating our Academy book group with “Secrets of The Tai Chi Circle”. This is the book recommended by Sifu. Here is what is said about the book on the Plum Publishing website: “Told as a … Continue reading

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Academy Vacation Time

The Academy will be taking vacation for a couple weeks in August: We’ll be teaching classes on Thursday, August 2, and then will return for classes on Saturday, August 18. (We will be gone August 3 – August 17.) For … Continue reading

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Learning Bagua Zhang: The Book!

We are proud to announce the publication of Sifu Ted Mancuso’s newest book, Learning Bagua Zhang: The Martial Art of Change. Years of study and teaching have gone into this extensively photographed companion to his best-selling DVD on Bagua. Using … Continue reading

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How To “Fight” Your Form

Every day, millions of people practice martial arts forms. Many perform them perfectly while secretly believing that all the meaning, the practical moves and applications, the tricks and techniques for real combat, were long ago lost forever. Continue reading

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New Article in Sentinel

Thought it would be nice to share this new article about Ted and the Academy, written by Paola in today’s Sentinel (and featuring comments by some of our great students!)… Click here to view…

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The Year of the Rabbit: 2011

Learn about the Chinese New Year and how it will shape up at our companion site:
The Year of the Metal Rabbit.
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The Return of Kung Fu!

Well, after more than two years, here we go again. Continue reading

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Kung Fu 1000 years ago…

Even 1000 years ago the kind of “cinema fighting”, sparring and other mixtures of entertainment and Wushu were already quite popular right along with circus stunts Continue reading

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Reeling Silk: What is it?

Reeling silk is one of the core principles of authentic Kung Fu practice… ALL authentic Kung Fu practice… Continue reading

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Student Rolls

Here is a partial list of those who have studied with the Academy over the last twenty-plus years…

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Tiger Celebration

Two days ago the Academy has a “closed door” seminar to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. And what did they practice? Continue reading

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Tiger Celebration Pictures

More images from out New Year’s get together… Continue reading

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