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A Very Short Lesson on Bagua Zhang’s Reeling Silk

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It’s Alive!

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor covid has been able to stop our new book by Sifu Ted Mancuso, “Hawk Splits Sky: Jibengong Practice, Bagua Zhang Mastery,” from publication. But it’s not like the forces of nature haven’t tried … Continue reading

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Bagua and the Pandemic Pivot

The unprecedented changes triggered by the pandemic are ongoing. Like every school all around the world, the Academy of Martial and Internal Arts is adjusting to the changes. We struggle onward despite these challenges, but there are surely more ahead. … Continue reading

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Stretching For the Art

You’ve finished your workout and the idea comes to you: why not stretch a little? It can only help, right? But immediately your brain floods with questions: How important is it to stretch? If I have just worked out, is … Continue reading

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What Are We All Up to, Part 2

Thanks to Travis for sending us a small part of his daily training routine. We’d love to see yours, too….

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2016 New Classes and Seminars

We offer authentic, traditional training and experiences in the treasure that is Chinese martial arts and energetics. The Academy is Santa Cruz’s oldest Chinese martial arts school. For more than 25 years we have built a community of students and … Continue reading

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Learning a Bagua Move (video)

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Bagua Zhang Seminars

Bagua Zhang, that unique method of martial and meditative practices, is considered to be one of the last traditional arts of its kind to emerge from China. Incorporating health, exercise and self-defense, exquisitely, Bagua’s round and twisting movements create an … Continue reading

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Learning a Bagua Move

Thanks to Nick and Ikuyo for allowing us to film this lesson.

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How To Start

Click image above to open (short) movie in new window. We are continuing to open up the Academy again for new students! Read below for class info, then fill out the form at the bottom of the page to contact … Continue reading

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Bagua Zhang

Bagua Zhang: Tai Chi of the 21st Century Beginner Level Some martial arts are simple, some are not. Bagua is, without a doubt, one of the most mysterious martial arts to come out of China. A perfect expression of Chinese … Continue reading

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Bagua Zhang