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Tai Chi Push Hands

Tai Chi Chuan is much more than a slow-moving dance performed on a beach at sunset!  This classic martial art combines proper structure with qigong and other principles derived from Chinese medicine. This exquisite practice incorporates health, self-defense, performance and … Continue reading

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Workshop: Introduction to Kung Fu, The Mother of All Martial Arts

What do you know about Kung Fu? Kung Fu is so many things, and if we limit ourselves to what we see in the movies we are really cutting short most of its greatness. As a 5000 year old art, … Continue reading

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Intent and Shape Boxing: Xing Yi’s 5 Elements

What did martial arts look like in the time of Marco Polo? Join our six-week seminar course and experience one of China’s most profound ancestor styles. Xing Yi is symbolically named for the interplay of the Five Elements, an ancient … Continue reading

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Tai Chi for Health: Core Movements

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn an easy, beautiful and traditional routine based on 5 energies of Tai Chi. This is NOT a TV version: it is a concentrated form that integrates movement, breathing, and intent to create … Continue reading

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Qigong: Intermediate

Five Animals Qigong   The Five Animal Frolics is one of the oldest Qigong regimens in the world. Said to be created by the legendary doctor Hua Tuo, over 1500 years ago, this Qigong combines spirit and action to imitate … Continue reading

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Qigong: Foundations

Qigong practice rests on three basic principles: controlling the body, controlling the qi and controlling the mind. While most Qigongs are simple to learn, these three principles are essential to creating an authentic and ‘real’ practice. Core Principles and Moves … Continue reading

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Qigong: Blossoms in the Spring

The Academy is happy, once again, to host a seminar on Blossoms in the Spring Qigong, a simple, meditative Qigong practice for healing and rejuvenation.   This ancient Taoist Qigong is easy to learn but profound in its effects. It … Continue reading

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Bagua Zhang Seminars

Bagua Zhang, that unique method of martial and meditative practices, is considered to be one of the last traditional arts of its kind to emerge from China. Incorporating health, exercise and self-defense, exquisitely, Bagua’s round and twisting movements create an … Continue reading

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Arts of the Academy

Congratulations to Steve Strasnick, longtime Academy student, who recently attended the 22nd Annual Chinese Martial Arts Tournament, on March 15, in Berkeley. Steve won the Internal Style Men’s Division by performing a number of styles, including Taijiquan and Bagua Zhang. … Continue reading

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Black Belt Award

No one could have been more surprised than Marcus McDonough, friday night last when, in the middle of the workout class, instructor John Ottenberg announced that he was awarding to Marcus the black belt. As John and Sifu Ted Mancuso … Continue reading

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Footage: Our Half and Half Seminar

Here’s some video and teachings from our last unique seminar where teachers John Ottenberg and Ted Mancuso show a traditional Praying Mantis form then “deconstruct” it to reveal its fighting essence. A great turnout and a lot of fun… Making … Continue reading

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Making the Martial Arts Whole Again: A Half and Half Seminar

It’s true: martial artists lose all the time, at least when it comes to battling social trends. One year the Ninja is the favorite Halloween costume and the trees are full of wannabes like dark fruit pretending to be invisible. … Continue reading

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We Are Going To Read A Book!

Hello fellow students: We are initiating our Academy book group with “Secrets of The Tai Chi Circle”. This is the book recommended by Sifu. Here is what is said about the book on the Plum Publishing website: “Told as a … Continue reading

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Academy Vacation Time

The Academy will be taking vacation for a couple weeks in August: We’ll be teaching classes on Thursday, August 2, and then will return for classes on Saturday, August 18. (We will be gone August 3 – August 17.) For … Continue reading

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Learning Bagua Zhang: The Book!

We are proud to announce the publication of Sifu Ted Mancuso’s newest book, Learning Bagua Zhang: The Martial Art of Change. Years of study and teaching have gone into this extensively photographed companion to his best-selling DVD on Bagua. Using … Continue reading

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