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Tai Chi For Health, 3 month class starts January 10

• Learn a complete form in just three months • Traditional, fluid, moving meditation • Small Class, detailed instruction • Emphasis on correct posture and form for health, balance, and vitality • Authentic martial structure for strength and flexibility • … Continue reading

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Tai Chi Core Movements

This is the PDF booklet to accompany our seminar, A Taste of Tai Chi: Core Moves and Energies. If you are interested in upcoming dates for this class, click HERE. If you would like to see the whole menu of … Continue reading

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2016 New Classes and Seminars

We offer authentic, traditional training and experiences in the treasure that is Chinese martial arts and energetics. The Academy is Santa Cruz’s oldest Chinese martial arts school. For more than 25 years we have built a community of students and … Continue reading

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Essential Core of Tai Chi Chuan: FREE Seminar

What is the flavor of Tai Chi? What makes it so special? Why do we say a person “plays” Tai Chi? Why is it so important to understand that Tai Chi is NOT an exercise? Without losing an ounce of … Continue reading

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What you should know before you start a Tai Chi class

I love teaching Tai Chi, and I especially love introducing this beautiful health promoting martial art to beginners. But many people start out with some ideas that are not only wrong, but prevent them from sticking with the practice long … Continue reading

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Tai Chi for Health: Core Movements

In this 2 hour workshop, you will learn an easy, beautiful and traditional routine based on 5 energies of Tai Chi. This is NOT a TV version: it is a concentrated form that integrates movement, breathing, and intent to create … Continue reading

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Tai Chi Campfire Tales

The art of T’ai Chi is the art of consciousness. The slow, fluid movements of the art gradually blend with the flow of the mind and reveal things often buried in the silent forests of our minds. Most people associate … Continue reading

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How To Start

Click image above to open (short) movie in new window.   Tai Chi Chuan: We offer two entrances for beginners in Tai Chi: ~A two hour seminar on Core Tai Chi movements and energies; and ~A three month class, Tai … Continue reading

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Tai Chi (Taijiquan)

The Power of Softness Beginner Level This is the beginning of your Tai Chi journey. At the Academy we start training you for a lifetime interest in this fascinating study. First you learn the basic postural and movement exercises. You … Continue reading

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Tai Chi (Taijiquan)