Intent and Shape Boxing: Xing Yi’s 5 Elements

What did martial arts look like in the time of Marco Polo?

XY1Join our six-week seminar course and experience one of China’s most profound ancestor styles. Xing Yi is symbolically named for the interplay of the Five Elements, an ancient pattern of change recognized in Chinese philosophy and medical theory. The name Xing Yi means “Intent and Shape” referring to the mind processing combat’s endless and instantaneous changes.

Xing Yi is deceptively simple, the first level consisting only of five key movements. These powerful actions were so versatile that they were practiced for strength, alignment, in armor, with weapons. It is also one of the first arts to combine martial practice with Qigong.

Xing Yi’s essential moves combine meditative quiet, directed intent, strong posture and xy2fluid qualities of movement. The Five Elements learned in this seminar could easily support a year’s practice.

The Five Elements is core Xing Yi teaching taught almost universally to beginning practitioners because it contains so much essential information. Anyone can learn but some martial background is helpful. If you don’t have much exposure to Chinese martial arts, bring a friend!

Starts Friday, March 6, 6-7 pm

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Fee: $90.00
Location: Academy of Martial & Internal Arts
1570 Soquel Dr (directly across from Dominican Hospital)
Santa Cruz,

Registration required, no experience necessary.

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