Kung Fu Linking Fist Form: 6 Week Class

If you have always wondered what authentic Kung Fu feels like, this is a great place to find out. 

This workshop, will teach you a Kung Fu Linked Form designed by one of the world’s top teachers, Adam Hsu. An extraordinary practice, the Linking Fist comes out of Long Fist Kung Fu, the mother of such styles as Shaolin and Xing Yi. This form is simple to learn, fun to practice, and it is geared toward modern practitioners with no moves repeated, adaptable to either side of the body, or alterable into a form twice its initial size. After learning the basic format all these variations, including usage, will be shown.

This class is designed for beginning through intermediate students. No experience required. However, those students who have already studied some form of martial arts (especially Chinese martial arts) will particularly benefit from learning an entire core and fundamental form; in addition, other long fist styles will be surveyed for their contributions, such as Pigua Zhang, not commonly taught but an amazing style to develop limberness in the shoulders, arms and upper body.

Another special aspect of this form is that it was created by Adam Hsu. Sifu Hsu is not only one of the top recognized Kung Fu teachers in the world, but his lineage is equally as remarkable, coming from Li Shu Wen, Liu Yun Chiao, Han Ching Tan and others.

SIX Mondays, 6:00 -7:00 pm
Date: Starts September 10
$80 for the 6 week class

Location: Academy of Martial & Internal Arts
1570 Soquel Dr (directly across from Dominican)

Registration required, no experience necessary.

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