Longfist Kung Fu Fundamentals — 12 wk. Series

Move Like You’ve Never Moved Before

Authentic Kung Fu —Traditional Methods for Body & Mind
There’s more to Kung Fu than flying through the air or kicking butt in a dark alley. Encompassing strategy, health preservation, efficient movement, strength-building, cooperation, workout and a constant involvement of your mind, “No brain, no gain” is an accurate phrase for this 5000 year old Chinese martial art.
Modern Approaches to Learning

In this 12 week series, you will learn structure, training methods and an introductory form in the Kung Fu system of Northern Chinese Longfist.

Our classical approach to teaching gives you a solid foundation for meaningful practice, continual improvement and the development of real martial skills. This is not a class for “weekend warriors,”  but for those curious about an art with lifelong benefits.

Training includes

  • Stance work
  • Single movements
  • Partner drills and usage
  • Forms
  • Qigong
  • Health maintenance

We designed this course for any student seeking physical challenge, whether a beginner investigating the treasure of Kung Fu, or an intermediate or advanced player wanting to renew intent. It is also a gateway into the broader curriculum available at the Academy for those wanting to continue.

Not All Schools Are the Same

The Academy of Martial & Internal Arts is Santa Cruz’s oldest traditional Kung Fu school — over 35 years in the community. Our school is recognized in both the US and China. We teach adults only, which allows to focus on principle and theory, as well as profound movement.

Ted Mancuso, the Academy’s director and author of several books and DVDs on martial studies, has over 50 years experience teaching Chinese Martial Arts. He is also the owner of Plum Publications, a site dedicated to the promotion and preservation of traditional Chinese martial arts. 

Senior Instructor Linda Darrigo has been studying and teaching traditional Kung Fu for more than 45 years, in both the US and Taiwan.

Lead instructor Nick Hancock is a professionally trained teacher in both Chinese martial arts and medicine. Nick’s martial background includes Northern Longfist, Shaolin, Six Harmony Praying Mantis and Baguazhang. His interdisciplinary approach to teaching Kung Fu integrates all aspects of the art form, and he is dedicated to making available the profound benefits of authentic practice to people in the modern era.

No experience necessary

Tuesdays — 6:00 – 7:30 pm

Sept 28 – Dec 14.  (12 weeks)

$180 paid in two installments, or
$165 if paid all at once
(Total, or first installment, due by start of first class)

Registration and Payments:
Although you do not need to register in advance, there is a size limit and we cannot guarantee that if you show up to class without registering that there will be a spot for you.

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Nick Hancock

Academy Martial & Internal Arts
1570 Soquel Dr
Across from Dominican Hospital)
Santa Cruz

Information about Academy Covid Protocols:

We take the health and safety of our students and staff very seriously. Due to the need to update and adapt as information becomes available, our policies may change.

This series of lessons will be held indoors, inside our large, well-ventilated, air-purified studio. Masks are required indoors to participate, we will follow the masking mandate as long as it is in force. Our preference is that only those who are fully-vaccinated participate in this series due to the close contact and extended period of time spent together.

In the event that it becomes required, we will move this course outdoors, in our spacious parking lot where classes have been held up until now. It’s important to us that all students understand that safety is the primary concern, and that we will adapt as necessary.

If any students experience symptoms that require them to stay home, or there are any questions, please contact us immediately.

Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

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