Move List: T’ai Chi Short Set

  1. Tai Chi Commences
  2. Left Ward Off
  3. Right Ward Off
  4. Rollback /Press
  5. Suppress/Push,
  6. Step left back, repeat Ward Off to Push other side
  7. Inward Cloud Hands
  8. Brush Knee and Push (3X)
  9. Repulse the Monkey (3X)
  10. Hold Ball, Diagonal Flying (2X)
  11. Cloud Hands-Single Whip (2X)
Fair Lady Works Shuttle (2X)
  12. Wild Horse Parts its Mane (2X)
  13. Separate Hands and Kick (2X)
  14. Play the Guitar (2X)
Cross Hands
  15. Close Tai Chi

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