Technique List: The Tai Chi 13 Sword Methods

Tai Chi Sword @ reelingsilk.comThe 13 Techniques of the Tai Chi Straight Sword. Many styles view the basics for the straight sword differently.Some claim ten, some over twenty. In the case of the Tai Chi sword the techniques are said to derived from the additonal of the Five Elements to the Eight Directions, making a total of thirteen. Each description is followed by an example from the form.

  1. CHOU 抽: Pull, drag –left to right //Dragon walk right
  2. DAI 带: Take along, skin –right to left //Dragon walk left
  3. TI 提: Lift // Little God
  4. KE : Block // Whirlwind right
  5. JI: Strike// Phoenix,
  6. CE: Thrust // Swallow Returns to nest
  7. DIAN: Dot, direct // Wait for Fish
  8. PENG: Snap, burst, ward off // Embrace the Moon
  9. JIAO: Stir, move // Embrace Tiger’s head
  10. YA: Press Downward // Cat Catches Mouse
  11. PI: Split // Heavenly Horse
  12. JIE 截: Intercept and attack // Whirlwind Left
  13. XI: Clean and resolve // Punt the Boat

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