Qigong (Chi Kung)

Beginner Level

A student at this level will begin with some basic postural and movement exercises. Next we show you the Big Five Chi Kung Forms. These will open the meridians and prepare the student for just the right feeling and postures. An essential step to Real Chi Kung . Then comes the Tai Chi style Chi Kung, a wonderful, deceptively simple series of Four excellent sections taken from the art of Tai Chi but much simpler and easier to learn.

Intermediate Level

On this level we begin to explore Taoist methods of Chi Kung .

Blossoms in the Spring, a Taoist meditation, is taught next. Blossoms is one of the most complete and best forms of Chi Kung in our opinion. It is a complete regimen which can be performed sitting, standing or lying down.

Yi Jin Jing: this is the world-famous form brought by Boddhidharma to China and really marked the beginning of the Shaolin style of Kung Fu. An ancient exercise where you can still see the Indian influence of Yoga and the melding with Chinese Chi Kung .

Advanced Level

Many of the exercises and regimens here are almost unknown outside of China, and very specific even then. Internal work develops movement of energy through the meridians with refinement of the Yi or “intent”. Some of the more advanced and very special methods relate to the ancient methods of martial arts such as Plum Blossoms Boxing and others. Some use instruments such as the Tai Chi Ruler and Tai Chi Ball to excite and evoke the qi.

Currently, we are teaching all Qigong students in modular seminars. Please click below to see our different offerings, times and descriptions.

Qigong Basics and Wudang Exercises

Blossoms in the Spring Qigong

Foundations of Qigong

Intermediate Qigong

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