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It’s Alive!

Neither rain nor snow nor sleet nor covid has been able to stop our new book by Sifu Ted Mancuso, “Hawk Splits Sky: Jibengong Practice, Bagua Zhang Mastery,” from publication. But it’s not like the forces of nature haven’t tried … Continue reading

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Warming Up the Martial Way

Due to the nature of Kung Fu the first thing to say about warm ups is that some people don’t believe in them. There are even some famous teachers who see no value at all in warm ups. Some of … Continue reading

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What We Teach

Just for your information, here is a partial list of the wide range of information available at the Academy of Martial and Internal Arts… Continue reading

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What is Bagua Zhang…

It is often said that the martial studies are about fighting. This is hardly the whole story any more than mathematics is about adding up your shopping receipt. Continue reading

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Event: Bagua Seminar, Sacramento

September 07/08, 2007: Sacramento: Inner Circle Tai Chi, a group headed by Sifu Robert Nakashima hosted Plum (that is to say Debbie and Ted) to present information on the arts of Bagua and Xing Yi. Saturday introduced and reiterated the … Continue reading

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Instructor Profile: Peter Thelin

Peter Thelin, a Tai Chi Chuan teacher here at the Academy and a student of Ba Gua Zhang, recently left us after studying and teaching here for many years. Much loved, he was a light and an inspiration to Academy … Continue reading

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Q & A: Practicing Kung Fu


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