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I have to admit that I’ve spent many years standing around just… standing around. Standing practice entered my life in the late Sixties. I experimented from that point on with sessions of continued standing and then modifications. You should know … Continue reading

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Practiced Intent

Internal martial practice is an important step to deepening and improving your kung fu. In this video, Sifu Ted demonstrates and teaches a short exercise learned decades earlier from Sifu Wing Lam, for developing and incorporating intent into movement. Following … Continue reading

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Daily Neigong (Qigong) Routine

Our illustrious and accomplished colleague and friend in Sacramento, Sifu Robert Nakashima, has generously created and shared his daily Neigong routine. Running about 20 minutes, even just watching this video provides calm and comfort, although getting up and trying it … Continue reading

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Qigong Sunday Seminar Series

You’ve probably heard of Qigong by now: an ancient Chinese health practice designed to increase strength, expand Range of Motion, and improve your health through movement and breathing exercises… Continue reading

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