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Instructor Profile: Jim Mullen

Every man and woman travels through the martial arts by himself or herself. The journey is nothing if not personal and often intimate. For Jim Mullen, one of our top teachers, the journey has been a long one and, as … Continue reading

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What is Bagua Zhang…

It is often said that the martial studies are about fighting. This is hardly the whole story any more than mathematics is about adding up your shopping receipt. Continue reading

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Event: Grandmaster Willy Lin at the Academy

September 18, 2007: It’s 12:25 a.m. and we just finished our GRANDMASTER WILLY LIN SEMINAR a few hours ago. We had thirty participants and to say it was a success would be an understatement. Instructor Ted Mancuso started with a … Continue reading

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Getting Out of Your Own [Wu] Wei

It’s probably happened to all of us at least once. That unsettling moment when you look at a word you’ve just written and then question its spelling – even though you’ve used it countless times before – because now it … Continue reading

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Grand Teacher Adam Hsu

Some brief biographical notes on one of the Academy’s Grandteachers. Master Adam Hsu (Hsu Ji)

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Mindfullness: Part Two

Chinese traditional beliefs recognize “Three treasures of Life”: Jing, Chi and Shen (Essence, vital Energy and Spirit). An alchemy can occur with these treasures: a co-dependence enhancing the quality of life. These beliefs emphasize the practical and focus on simplicity.

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Q & A: Practicing Kung Fu


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The Shamanic Fist

Occasionally people take up martial arts as part of their “shamanic” quest. Continue reading

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