Move List: T’ai Chi Long Set/Yang Style

  1. Center Standing, Hold Ball
  2. Open Ward-Off Left
  3. Closed Ward-Off Right
  4. Rollback
  5. Press
  6. Suppress, Push
  7. Hold Ball, Single Whip
  8. Lift Hands
  9. Shoulder Stroke
  10. Stork Cools Wings
  11. Brush Knee Push-Right
  12. Bump step, Play the Guitar
  13. Brush Knee Push (3X) RLR
  14. Bump Step, Play the Guitar
  15. Brush Knee Push-Right
  16. Tangle, Step, Parry & Punch
  17. Close the Door
  18. Cross Hands
  19. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
  20. Refrain: RB-S
  21. Fist Under Elbow
  22. Repulse Monkey (5X) LRLRL
  23. Hold Ball, Diagonal Flying
  24. Left Long Smother, Lift Hands
  25. Shoulder Stroke
  26. Stork Cools Wings
  27. Brush Knee Push-Right
  28. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea
  29. Fan Through Back
  30. Wheel, and Punch Opponent
  31. White Snake’s Head
  32. Tangle, Step, Parry, Punch
  33. Hold Ball, Flower Hand
  34. Refrain:RW-3
  35. Cloud Hands (3X)
  36. Single Whip
  37. High Pat on Horse
  38. Separate Hands and Toe Kick Right
  39. Separate Hands and Toe Kick Left
  40. Turn, Open the Curtain,  Heel Kick Left
  41. Brush Knee Push (2X) RL
  42. Left Bow, Punch Down
  43. Fan Through Back
  44. Wheel, and Punch Opponent
  45. White Snake’s Head
  46. Tangle, Step, Parry, Punch
  47. Separate Hands and Toe Kick Right
  48. Smother and Sit, Dragon Move
  49. Step Back, Turn, Strike Tiger (2X) LR
  50. Open Hands, Heel Kick Left, Strike Ears
  51. Step Left, Side Kick-Left, turn
  52. Side Kick Right
  53. Tangle, Step, Parry, Punch
  54. Close the Door
  55. Cross Hands
  1. Carry Tiger Back to Mountain
  2. Refrain: RB-S
  3. Part the Wild Horse’s Mane (4X) RLRL
  4. Refrain: RW-S
  5. Fair Lady Works  Shuttle Left (4X) RLRL
  6. Refrain: LW-S
  7. Cloud Hands (3X)
  8. Single Whip
  9. Snake Creeps Down
  10. Golden Cock (2X) RL
  11. Repulse Monkey (5X)
  12. Hold Ball,  Diagonal Flying
  13. Lift Hands
  14. Shoulder Stroke
  15. Stork Cools Wings
  16. Brush Knee Push-Right
  17. Needle at the Bottom of the Sea
  18. Fan Through Back
  19. Wheel, and Punch Opponent
  20. White Snake’s Head
  21. Tangle, Step, Parry, Punch
  22. Hold Ball, Flower Hand
  23. Refrain: RW-S
  24. Cloud Hands (3X)
  25. Single Whip
  26. High Pat on Horse
  27. Smother, Ten Hand
  28. Turn Right, Lifting Toe Kick Left
  29. Step, Low Punch
  30. Hold Ball,  Flower Hand
  31. Refrain: RW-S
  32. Snake Creeps Down
  33. Cross Fists, Seven Star Stance
  34. Sit Back and Ride Tiger
  35. Turn, Double Snake Hands
  36. Lotus Kick Right, Big Rollback
  37. Bend Bow, Shoot Tiger
  38. Block, Tangle, Step, Parry, Punch
  39. Close the Door
  40. Cross Hands
  41. Settle and Close

Note: The refrain is often repeated in
the Long Set.
There are variations on
included movements. For

instance, we try to note…
Refrain (LW-P to RW-P means the refrain
from either the left Ward Off

or  right Ward off, all the way to Push.)
RW-S,  means Right Ward Off all the
way to Single Whip

Finally there is RB-P, Rollback to Push


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