Why the Academy?

Why Read This?

We hope it’s because you are looking for a martial arts school and care enough to want to know a little about the place …

Not All Schools are the Same

Contrary to what many people think martial arts schools are not the same. In fact there is a wide range of specialized services and information offered. One school may have no particular art, another might emphasize martial culture, another may only really specialize in kids, another may be a tournament school.


Most schools teach very little martial practice, almost no tradition, less philosophy with the original culture stripped away and the meaning of the art reduced to the level of a tv commercial.

What about this School?

We’ve been around for a long time. Long ago we decided to follow another path. For instance:

  • We do not teach children, no one under 18. (This is supposed to be commercial suicide ).
  • We don’t give ranks, that is No Belts!
  • We never attend competitions, demonstrate in malls.
  • We don’t have extraneous charges such as patches and decorative uniforms.
  • We don’t charge testing fees.

What Do We Do?

We teach slowly and methodically explaining the cultural philosophy as well as the technical background to the each art. We teach Kung Fu, Tai Chi, Bagua, Qigong and our Self Protection program is one of the best available.

How Do I Start?

We give a free interview and first lesson for people to see if we’re right for them but the trial is mutual and we don’t accept about 30% of the potential students. Classes are small and we talk to you as well as teach you. We treat everyone like he or she is an adult. That means we don’t guarantee you will get better grades in school, be able to defend yourself against a gang of hoodlums, or become a hero. We do guarantee you will look at things differently if you train in this great art. Best thing: check out our getting started video page…

How About Fees?

You can sign up for one month, three months, or a year. If you become an “inner door” student you sign up for a year but only after you’ve been here at least three months and know this is the place for you. Rates vary from about 60.00 to 90.00 dollars a month.

We are not a disguised “gym.”

It ‘s not aero/boxing/kick/zumba/jazzercize. It’s martial arts plain and simple, but the old way where the physical is only a shade of the whole. Real Kung Fu is mostly mental!

Pick a style and see what we teach…

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