Workshop: Introduction to Kung Fu, The Mother of All Martial Arts

What do you know about Kung Fu?
Kung Fu is so many things, and if we limit ourselves to what we see in the movies we are really cutting short most of its greatness.

As a 5000 year old art, you might imagine that there is more to Kung Fu than flying through the air and kicking butt in a dark alley. Because it is a “martial” art—that is, its original development came from early warfare—it encompasses strategy, health preservation, efficient movement, strength-building, flexibility, vision, cooperation, ‘workout’ and a “No brain, no gain” philosophy. Constant involvement of your mind is the keystone of traditional Chinese martial arts and Kung Fu.

We want to introduce you to Kung Fu, the right way, the authentic way. In this TWO hour workshop, we’ll teach you basic moves and fundamental theories about this great martial art. You’ll move in waykf3s you have never moved before.

When: POSTPONED. Click HERE and we will contact you when it is rescheduled.

Where: Academy of Martial and Internal Arts, 1570 Soquel Dr, SC
(across from Dominican Hospital)

Fee: FREE!

Open to all, 18 years or older.


Academy of Martial & Internal Arts
1570 Soquel Dr, Santa Cruz
(acr0ss from Dominican Hospital)
google map:



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