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Here is our own page of products from our sister company, Plum Publications. We are proud of them. They represent blood, sweat, tears, arguments, heartbreaks, failed equipment, new equipment, less-than-perfect conditions, and much improvisation. They also represent years of careful thought, decades of refined teaching, details of movement aligned with traditional principles, theory rarely discussed elsewhere, 'flavor', and clear instruction.We tend to shy away from self-promotion, but each DVD below comes with our confidence that it is a product we can stand by.

Ted Mancuso is a veteran teacher with over 40 years experience. He has taught thousands of students and written for just about every major martial journal in the English language, along with translations into Chinese and Spanish. The Director of the Academy of Martial Arts, Santa Cruz, California, he has dedicated much time and effort to the spread of authentic Kung Fu philosophy and practice.

NEW! DVD#19007 10 Road Tan Tui:
The Spring Leg Form

By Ted Mancuso, from Plum Publications
See background on this form

The TAN TUI or Spring Leg set is one of the most famous Kung Fu forms in the world. This version is the one taught in the Academyof Martial Arts in Santa Cruz. An example of this essential practice lives in many diverse styles such as Shaolin, Muslim Boxing, Praying Mantis and others. It is so fundamental that it is often learned even before the student has decided which style of Kung Fu to follow. This is possible because TAN TUI is so perfectly balanced that it can augment any Kung FU practice. In TAN TUI you will actually learn long movements, power generation, kicking techniques and speed secrets. This DVD teaches you TAN TUI through...

  • Detailed breakdowns of the different roads.
  • Multiple view with specific comments for footwork, tempo and execution
  • Introductory remarks that will give you an overview of the form
  • Special sections on doing TAN TUI as an exercise or as a set

Clear, understandable instruction.
Read the author's personal take on Tan Tui


US $24.50

DVD#19006 The Tai Chi Short Set
By Ted Mancuso

This NEW shortened form of Tai Chi is the perfect introduction to a great art. Developed by teacher Ted Mancuso from his many years of experience, this condensed set contains essential movements for learning and performing an exercise known world-wide as a treasure.

What makes this DVD special? First of all, this set is modular, which means that the essential movements and energies can be broken out for the purposes of both teaching and learning*. Second, it is a good practice set for those who do not necessarily have Tai Chi as their main regimen. It is also good for those who are already doing Tai Chi but want a shorter version for limited space practice. Additionally, this is an easily learned set for teachers who want to introduce a compact version of Tai Chi—the fastest growing martial art in the US—into their curriculum.Yet this is in no way a "dumbed down" form; it still contains the traditional energies and principles. Other features include: a special section on "loop practice" and extracting exercises from the set, a demonstration of Jing issuance and a chapter on form details.

US $24.50


* Special Note for Teachers: This modularity also allows new students to enter at any point in the set. You don't have to go back and start them from the beginning .

DVD#19001 Bagua: The Art of Change #1
By Ted Mancuso

The System of Bagua: a whole course in one tape...
Nothing else like it on the market! A complete training tape including reeling silk theory, applications, basics, warm-ups and, of course, the famous Eight Changing Palms. An essential reference for every martial library.  

This DVD offers a course for learning the basics of Ba Gua, T'ai Chi's more advanced sister. It contains clear, detailed instruction. It has specific discussions of theory; not just a "walk through" without background. Ba Gua is fast becoming as popular as T'ai Chi due to its modular method of practice. Tape #1 gives an over view with a huge amount of information including Chi Kung and Usage. Some topics covered:

  • BaGua Theory: the components of BaGua
  • Circle Walking: BaGua's foundation
  • Chi Kung: Breath BaGua style
  • Basic Hand Changes: and spiral energy
  • Self-Defense Applications: with BaGua flavorBaGua Post Work: rarely seen
  • Complete 8 Changes: the "Set"
  • BaGua Patner Work: Duet practice

    US $32.50 
  • Quantity
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DVD#19002 Bagua: The Art of Change #2
By Ted Mancuso

The Bagua Body: moving through change
"Nothing else like it on the market! A complete training tape including reeling silk theory, applications, basics, warm-ups and, of course, the famous Eight Changing Palms. An essential reference for every martial library.  

This DVD offers a course for learning the basics of Ba Gua, T'ai Chi's more advanced sister. It contains clear, detailed instruction. It has specific discussions of theory; not just a "walk through" without background. Ba Gua is fast becoming as popular as T'ai Chi due to its modular method of practice. Tape #2 concentrates on one of the most neglected aspects of BaGua practice, the development of the BaGua body with special exercises selected to improve BaGua practice of ANY STYLE! Some topics covered:

  • Single Limb warms ups
  • BaGua Wheel exercise
  • Many levels of Threading
  • The BaGua Ba Shih (8 Chi Kung Stances)
  • Self-Defense Practice Methods
  • BaGua Spontaneous Applications
  • BaGua Chin Na Applications
  • Tree Training
  • Single Palm San Shou

    US $32.50
  • Quantity
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DVD#19003 the Shaolin Cane: Weapon of Self Defense
by Ted Mancuso
About an hour, complete with form and applications

In this presentation Ted Mancuso, our resident Kung Fu instructor, utilizes a traditional Shaolin cane set taught to him by one of his teachers, Kwong Wing Lam, to explore the very nature of weapons work. Introductory remarks bring new points to light about the usefulness of weapons work especially, with simple, easily available instruments.

Among the topics covered, Mr. Mancuso discusses and demonstrates:

•Basic strikes and their applicability to all weapons
•Grips and the "flexible hand" concept
•The traditional Northern Shaolin Boxing Cane form
•In-depth stepwise breakdowns of each section of this fast and mobile form
•Examples of applications, including running commentary explaining more than just the movements but the reasoning behind cane defenses.

According to this teacher,
"Over the years students have come to me and say, - I'd like to learn the cane from you.
When I ask why they always say something like, - For my father. He's getting old.At that point I have to explain to them that this is one of the most dynamic weapons sets in the entire Shaolin arsenal. After all, if you think about it handing a simple stick to a Kung Fu artists who can do sword, spear, whip and dagger is just like saying "anything goes." This is definitely not your grandfather's cane form."
US $24.50

Quantity see viewer comments

DVD#19004 The T'ai Chi Sword
By Ted Mancuso

This is a teaching and demonstration tape of the famous Yang Style T'ai Chi Straight Sword (Taiji Jian). Unlike many such tapes there is a good deal of discussion on the manipulation of the sword itself with more than mere replication of postures. This tape gives some feel for the teaching style of Ted Mancuso, ShihFu.

From the Tape: "When all is said and done the T'ai Chi sword is great fun. It preserves the martial heritage that is so essential to a real understanding of T'ai Chi but combines it with the grace and fluidity that we all have come to associate with the art itself. T'ai Chi Sword must fulfill the promise of T'ai Chi by retaining its special flavor and yet functioning as a true display of martial prowess. The sword itself is the perfect symbol of this idea. It has a graceful and flexible body yet is perfectly straight, as straight as the spine of the practitioner. In many ways it is the best symbol of Wu De, martial virtue. Associated with scholars as well as warriors it signifies the ideal of Wen Wu, literature and martial skill combined."

This video contains the following, some items rarely seen:

  • A thorough introductory discussion of the sword itself.
  • Fundamental Exercises with the sword for timing, stepping and flexibility.
  • The T'ai Chi Sword form demonstrated front and side view.
  • Complete breakdown on the steps of learning the form.
  • Applications of T'ai Chi fencing, usage and partner exercises.

    US $24.50
  • Quantity

DVD#19005 Beyond Technique
The Art of Possibilities

his dvd, produced by Plum Publications, was the first exposition of John Ottenberg's concepts on tape. This is the original tape converted to DVD without chapters. It's a little rough but you will see John's basics premise of the Motion-Movement and Technique and its radical implication for streamlining self defense. This was originally developed to target the schools that say they teach self defense, but fall short of the mark. Even though it is curriculum oriented, it's teaching foundation is comprised of adaptable fighting material. The material here is thick with possibilities.

Note: One word or advice, John's technique is highly refined so much to as to appear casual. You will have to actually try these motions to understand the level of sophistication involved.

Around 50 Minutes: See this DVDs contents:       $19.95


Adam Hsu's much anticipated...

Lone Sword Against the Cold Cold Sky


Without a doubt one of the finest series of writing ever to appear in English on the art and practice of Kung Fu. These essays and articles will become a permanent part of your reading and thinking about this complex, beautiful and highly effective art. Adam Hsu expresses opinions and displays research that challenges and re-thinks the common cliches. At the same time he offers real solutions for the "Kung Fu mess", and methods for people even without proper instruction to improve and deepen their arts. These writings span almost two decades and are the cream of the work that helped to make Adam Hsu an internationally recognized and respected teacher.

$22.95, Reeling Silk Price: (10%) off-= $20.65
319 Pages, softbound, photographs and illutrations


SPECIAL SECTION: Read our exclusive interview with Sifu Adam Hsu.
EXCERPT: Get a glimpse of the Table of Contents and Readers Reactions from the first few copies purchased...

The Spring and Autumn
of Chinese Martial Arts
- 5000 years
Professor Kang Ge-Wu
Softbound, 108 pages,
US $14.95

Reeling Silk discount 15% or $12.70


At last! A complete history of Chinese Martial Arts. This book is written by one of the world's leading experts on Wushu. Professor Kang Gewu of the Wushu Research Institute in Beijing has personally traveled throughout China gathering archeological data and oral histories on this valuable cultural treasure that is Martial Arts.

This book is a vital text for anyone interested in the origins of such diverse styles as T'ai Ch'i, Shaolin, ancient wrestling and Qi Gong. It offers a time-line that covers thousands of years of significant developments in the long history of Martial Arts. Styles and masters are included by the dozen. The product of years of research and study. Not to be missed!

Want to see some excerpts from this book?


Beyond Technique Contents

In this breakthrough video, 5th degree Black Belt in LimaLama, John Ottenberg turns the entire process of learning self defense on its head. Starting with one basic motion, he demonstrates a whole range of defensive technique adaptable instantaneously. Ottenberg was a personal student of the world famous "Mr. Self Defense", Grandmaster Tino Tuiolosega. Here he presents his own unique insights into the study of self defense. Foremost among these is his concept of Motion•Movement•Technique.

In a packed hour of information this rich video will forever change your view of self defense. Combining lectures, instruction and examples, this tape contains months of training material. And, importantly, every idea is immediately applicable to anyone's self defense training. These core concepts will revitalize all those techniques you've studied and give you what John calls "A Master Key" to their application in reality.

•Interview with John Ottenberg

• Motion•Movement•Technique

•Axis of Rotation

• Height and Fighting

• Inside/Outside

•Spinning Variations

• Flash Training

The techniques in this video start simple but advance to cover all the major considerations of self defense training. With a seemingly almost casual motion of the hands John develops a self defense approach that can bring new life to techniques that have become mechanical and stale.



Ted and Debbie --Wow, your Shaolin Cane video is beautifully produced and rich in technique, wisdom, and cat-fu. Thank you so much for dedicating your experience to this project; it is a joy to learn from -- for those of us not living near Santa Cruz.

The DVD is excellent quality. I expected a somewhat funky video from your online promotion. You probably should make it clear that it’s now a DVD, for those who don’t have a DVD player. ...
Thanks again!!-- BG

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