Qigong Sunday Seminar Series

You’ve probably heard of Qigong by now: an ancient Chinese health practice designed to increase strength, expand Range of Motion, and improve your health through movement and breathing exercises. But what can it do for you?

The Academy of Martial and Internal Arts, Santa Cruz’s oldest traditional Chinese movement school, is offering a rare series to answer just this question. In only one afternoon, you can learn a complete routine in a concentrated, non-Sports, non-competitive, environment, taught by mature instructors with decades of experience. Free follow-up sessions and additional classes are available to deepen your experience.

June 17th : 1-4 Blossoms in the Spring
This form is a jewel. It encompasses the Three Treasures of Chinese Medicine: Jing (essence), Qi (breath) and Shen (spirit) into a simple regimen that is so pleasurable to perform you would NEVER call it exercise! Yet the benefits of its practice will stay with you throughout your day. It is a lovely and important Qigong routine, book and DVD available.

July 15th : 1-4,  The Wudang Qigong
What did the Taoists monks at the famous Wudang Temple develop centuries ago as a health practice? This simple, modular routine is one of the treasures of Qigong, specializing in calming and regulating the metabolism. Many of the movements concentrate on strengthening specific organs according to Traditional Chinese Medical Principles.

August 5th : 1-4, The Five Animal Frolics Qigong
This form is one of the best versions offered of the famous Five Animal Frolics, one of the oldest Qigong regimens in the world. Said to be created by the legendary doctor Hua Tuo, over 1500 years ago, this Qigong combines spirit and action to imitate five animals and representative states of consciousness: Tiger, Deer, Monkey, Bear and Bird. It can be practiced in very little space. It can be practiced one animal at a time, for specifics needs or as a complete regimen.

The details:

No experience is required for any of these sessions. Please wear comfortable clothing.
Although pre-registration is not necessary, it would be nice to know you are coming!

$45.00 each for Blossoms or Five Animals and $45.00 for Wu Dang:
          10% discount for 2 sessions
          20% discount for the series

The Academy of Martial and Internal Arts
1570 Soquel Dr. (across from Dominican hospital)
Santa Cruz 831-475-1429
seminars@reelingsilk.com • www.reelingsilk.com/qigongseminars.htm
Please do not hesitate to call or write with any questions. We generally reply faster through email!


If you would like to pay now for the workshops, click below. There is a 10% discount for 2 workshops, and a 20% discount for the whole series. The discounts will show in the shopping cart.
Blossoms in the Spring Happened! Thanks for a great turnout.
Five Animal Frolics $45.00
Wudang Qigong $45.00


















































































































































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